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The Cubic Bluetooth Speaker has bluetooth connectivity with a wireless range of 30 ft. so that you can play your favorite music directly from your iPod, MP3 and mobile device. This speaker is rechargeable and has a uniquely shaped lamp with 12 LEDS. The light is controlled by a touch sensor: touch it once to turn the light on and touch it and...
$ 45.58
These wireless headphones allow you to listen to your music or phone conversation with incredible clarity that rivals any wired headset on the market. With the press of a button on your Bluetooth ear cup, you can quickly switch between calls and music without pulling out any of your portable devices. Stream audio from your laptop, or any other...
$ 99.98
Let the music play or the conversation go on! Enjoy the power of wireless connectivity with our Bluetooth V3.0+HS ear buds. Our flat cable tangle-resistant ear buds can be paired with 2 Bluetooth?enabled devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player at one time. Includes noise isolation ear buds that create a comfortable acoustic seal...
$ 44.98
Water resistant (IPX-3), contoured designed Bluetooth speaker that can fit easily into any indoor or outdoor space. This speaker turns any mobile device into a portable sound system. You can also directly connect the speaker to any audio source to provide excellent sound quality. Easy to connect using Bluetooth V2.1 EDR and has an operating...
$ 122.48
This speaker can turn any mobile or Bluetooth? device into a desktop or home sound system that provides brilliant sound quality. The speaker is easy to connect using Bluetooth technology and having an operating range of 10M/33 feet with up to 5 hours of play time. Features three easy to use buttons on the top of the speaker - phone button to...
$ 114.99
Our cool jewel shaped Bluetooth? speaker can fit into any space. It is easy to connect using A2DP Bluetooth? V3.0 EDR and has up to 4 hours of play time with an operating range of 10M/33 feet. This speaker turns any mobile device into a portable sound system that provides brilliant sound quality. Features five easy to use buttons on the back of...
$ 86.88
Clip it to your backpack, belt loop or just sit it down and let the music play! Portable and compact, yet produces exceptional sound quality that can fit into any space, indoor or outdoor. With its IPX5 water resistant rating, the speaker will continue to play high quality sound in wet situations, whether in the shower or if it has been left...
$ 54.28
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